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I took the 2' x 2' piece of teak and holly sole material up into the shade along with my tools. Set up a guide so that with my 24Volt Circular Saw, I can carefully remove strips of Holley. I cut down to a depth of 4 plys, knowing I needed 3 for some and 2 or 1 for others, I could then split th e plies to the desired depth.

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For the teak panels I've used Teak Oil once per year. For the Holly Sole flooring I've done absolutely nothing and after 5+ years it still looked pristine. ... lightly" sand with 220 grit. Be very careful, it's a thin veneer on top of a plywood. Do Not sand if you don't have to. Clean with the cleaner that Ultimate sole has, which is a very ...

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I removed the sole (3 pieces) and used a sander to sand off the old finish down to the bare wood (teak & holly). Had to be very careful not to remove too much wood. Once I was down to the bare wood, I bought a good high gloss marine varathane and a REALLY GOOD 4" varathane brush.

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Installing a Teak and Holly Plywood Cabin Sole Article and photos by Jack Waddell, 1972 T34C #215 Vixen ... been to install carpet. By his admission, it was not that successful. It smelled, held dirt and required cleaning/airing out all the time. Underneath the carpet, the cork sole was badly patched, stained and soiled. ... Replacing the Cabin ... ? View topic - Cleaning Teak & Holly Cabin Sole?

I don't have an answer to the cleaning question but if you end up opting to refinish check if it is a plywood sole and it probably is. If so then do not sand very hard as the teak and holly are only about 1/64" thick andyou can end up with a mess.

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The Cabin Sole . Home or s/v ... I don't like the look of the new "teak and holly" soles that are made these days, and besides, after measuring and checking prices it was clear I'd spend $600 just on material, not to mention the time. ... I used my router to make a 3/8" deep clean slot, and fit a small teak strip.

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Cleaning I've got some old teak and holly sole that probably hasn't been cleaned in a decade and looks pretty dingy. What's the good product to clean these with and see if I can bring them back to life.

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Re: Cleaning up the Teak and Holly I'd strip it (heat gun and scraper) and do it properly, unless the sole is basically good where a quick scuff and coat will do it, I think you'd end up with a much better result for not a lot more work.

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How to Varnish and Refinish a cabin sole - Get A Deep Rich Sole in that sailboat floor ... Varnish and Epoxy~ a Professional Wood Finish for Teak Part1 - Duration: 9:34. BoatworksToday ...

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Interior Teak Maintenance Archived. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. ... my 1-yr old teak and holly sole is looking pretty tired with salt staining and scuff marks, what the best refresh? ... It was amazing how much crud came off the wood. Once you have clean, un-oiled wood you can work with it, sand, spot-clean, and ...

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Teak & Holly Vinyl Sole Nothing is more nautical than a teak & holly sole. The real thing is slippery, hard to install, scratches easily and requires constant effort to maintain. This flooring is designed for commercial high traffic applications, such as, offices, stores, schools and public places. So you know it's durable and moisture proof.

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Maritime Teak & Holly Tongue & Groove Flooring Maritime Wood Products "Teak and Holly" Tongue and Groove Flooring is made from solid wood planks and strips designed for interior applications. The Burma teak planks and alternating strips of hard maple are easily assembled for those building their own floors.


When my family and I were living on our first boat in the Mediterranean, a British built ketch, we visited many American boats and I always admired the way they employed teak and holly for their cabin floorboards - or to use the nautical term, cabin sole.

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From the Archives: Cleaning Interior Teak. Does your boat have a teak interior? Follow these reader-suggested steps to keep it gleaming. By Jan Irons posted Nov 5th, 2015 at 1:56pm. Comments. The teak inside my 1985 Passport 37 is staved teak—the real thing. It was originally finished in satin varnish, and I cannot even think about how much ...